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Taking the whole family out on a trip to the zoo is always a good idea to bond with each other. Well for one thing, it always amuses the kids whenever they hear that youíll all be visiting the zoo. The Twycross zoo is always a good option if youíre taking the whole family out on a fun-filled day. The zoo itself is pretty huge, itís the fourth largest zoo in all of the UK, so you can expect a lot of things from your visit. There are loads of different animals to see at Twycross zoo. Theyíve got a good number of primates too since the founders of the zoo way back were fascinated with primates. There are lions, elephants, leopards, sea lions, penguins, and a lot of different types of birds. If you are in need of rest, there is a picnic area that can be found within the premises. This is the perfect time for you and your family to rest a bit before you go to the other interesting portions of the zoo. After your little picnic, you can then head on to the entertainment area. There is even an elephant show on some occasions and you can always watch the feeding of the animals if youíre up to it, although itís not really that flashy, the kids will love it. One thing to remember before you go: visit to take advantage of vouchers for even greater deals when you visit the zoo. Itís always a good idea since itíll give you discounts or even free admissions for the kiddies. Just check in every once in a while to see other promos and bonuses. twycross VOUCHERS